Membership Policy

Membership Policy


Classes can be attended at any location in St. Johns and North St. Augustine. Registration Fee for our Stroller Strides includes a level 1 (green) resistance band and some local & national vendor goodies. Red resistance bands are available for purchase from your instructor for $12.

Registration Fee for our Body Back Membership includes a red resistance band and some local & national vendor goodies.


We accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. Payment is automatically charged on the 1st of the month. Funds that are denied for any reason will be subject to a re-processing fee. You may manage your account by logging onto:


Effective January 1st, 2018: Members attending any FIT4MOM St. Johns/North St. Augustine classes will need to log into FrontDesk and confirm their attendance.

You can do so here:

For Stroller Strides we are asking that you please confirm your attendance before 8PM the evening before to give the instructor enough notice to either cancel class or continue class as scheduled. There must be a minimum of three participates who have confirmed their attendance the evening before class.

For Body Back Membership we are asking that you please confirm your attendance before 8AM the morning of class before to give the instructor enough notice to either cancel class or continue class as scheduled. There must be a minimum of two participates who have confirmed their attendance the morning of the scheduled class.

We appreciate you understanding and working with us.


You may put your membership on hold for a minimum of one month at a time and a maximum of 3 months throughout the calendar year at no charge. We require two weeks written notice to put your account on hold. An end date of your hold must be provided and membership will automatically resume on that date. If you have an unexpected concern, please contact Danielle Weaver at


To cancel this membership, the member must contact the FIT4MOM franchise owner prior to their next payment due date to request a cancellation. No refunds will be given for dues already paid. This membership is not transferable to another person or anywhere outside the St. John's/North St. Augustine franchise. Once a membership is cancelled, if the member wants to re-enroll they will be charged the full registration fee.


You will be added to our e-mail list to receive important updates and receive our monthly newsletter. You can also “like” our Facebook page ( to network with other moms, RSVP for events such as Playgroup and Mom’s Night Outs, special events, & be made aware of any updates for classes including inclement weather locations. If you are not on Facebook, please notify Danielle at to join a special email list for important updates about emergency class changes & reminders.


Refer new members to Stroller Strides! If they join as a monthly member, you will receive $10 off your next month of membership! There is NO LIMIT on how much you can save! Start recruiting!


Children must remain in their stroller throughout class for their safety and the safety of the other moms, with the exception of young babies being removed to be placed in a carrier. If you have older, non-stroller aged children attending class, we ask that they walk beside you during the workout and practice awareness of others so no accidents will occur.


If you need to leave class early for any reason, please notify your instructor ahead of time or let them know during class. When you disappear for any reason without letting us know, we worry about you! There may be times where you may need to sit out to change a diaper or feed and that's totally fine! You can always catch up with the class when you are finished. Just try to let the instructor or a friend know so we know to look for you and expect you to rejoin the class.


Have family or friends in town? Is hubby off of work for the day? Bring them to class FREE of charge! If you have an extended stay guest who will participate longer than one week, they will be subject to a $5 per class charge.


Pricing and policies are subject to change.


Due to the quick changes in Florida weather, class will be cancelled no sooner than an hour before class, unless extreme weather is forecasted. Due to the outdoor environment that our classes are held in, days that the temperature falls below 50 degrees, it is up the instructor if class will be cancelled.

Class cancellations will always be posted on Facebook, in our private group page. If in doubt, call Danielle at 904.770.5503


For any matter pertaining to your membership or if you have a specific concern or issue, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our goal is to make sure you and your children have a great fitness experience with us. We truly appreciate you choosing FIT4MOM and if there is anything we can do, we will be happy to accommodate you! To contact, please call Danielle at 904.770.5503 or you can email us at